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WOW! We're Back!

Posted by Ashley Gilbert-Guyton on

Thank you for being so patient with me. The truth is, I didn't know 90 days ago that running an online business would be so much work! Then add being a wife, mom, and working a full-time job! I tip my hat off to ALL entrepreneurs because on the outside looking in is just half the work and I do mean werkkkk! I've felt overwhelmed, tired, and like I was in over my head. So I took a break from SM to get my head and heart together. During that time I just prayed for a plan, peace, and guidance. I found out a lot about myself. I think it's necessary for you to step away and recharge every now and then. (You need it!!) I'm happy to come here and bring you an update on how things are going. It has not been easy and everything has not gone the way I thought. Yet, I'm so thankful for those in my corner who have supported and pushed me! It's great to have a support system around you. With that being said, I have some BIG plans that I'm excited to share with you guys soon. For now we have JUST released our Fall Collection so gooooooooooooo check it out and see what's new!

Thank you for coming back and being so supportive! 

Hope you enjoy our new looks!!


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